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Prompt service of process by a private detective.  Service is always "by the book" with attention to getting your subpoena served as promptly as possible.


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   Licensed, Bonded and Insured State of    Connecticut - 20+ years experience.

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Subpoena Express  has promptly served documents for attorneys in the following countries:

  United Kingdom



  New Zealand

  Republic of the Philippines

  Federal Republic of Germany

  Republic of Ireland



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Always thank a man or woman in military uniform who serves to protect us.


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"Subpoena Express does it all: Verify names, address confirmation, make repeat visits to serve, calls us immediately if any question or problem."  Group Law Practice, Stamford, CT

"Mr. English does everything possible to make sure a subpoena is delivered. He researches addresses and serves even if he has to make repeated visits."  Group Law Practice, Miami, FL

"We used Mr. English for service of Writ for Notice of Legal Procedures in Ireland. The defendant was difficult to locate and finally found 2 hours away from his office in NYC. Mr. English's follow-up of notarized documents was flawless."  Group Law Practice, Dublin, Ireland

"I was reluctant to use Subpoena Express as it cost more than other services. However, what is the cost of subpoenas not served? You get what you pay for."  Law Partnership, Brooklyn, NY

"I needed to serve a subpoena in Fairfield County, CT. Overnight to Tim's office and it was served immediately. Follow-up was excellent."  Attorney, Santa Fe, NM

"Mr. English, many thanks for your prompt and professional manner in serving multiple subpoenas. We most definitely recommend you."  Law Partnership, Buffalo, NY

"We needed to serve 5 Notices of Civil Claim to Fairfield County corporations. Claims were promptly served and Affidavits of Service returned by international courier."  Group Law Practice, British Columbia, Canada

"Service by a gentleman. Subpoena Express is the best choice when serving another law firm."  Group Law Practice, Greenwich, CT

"I selected Subpoena Express by Internet search for a Connecticut process server. The service could not have been better."  Attorney, Anchorage, AK

"Incredibly resourceful / focused Private Detective and Process Server. Located and served papers for Maori Trust, New Zealand Parliament." Group Law Practice, Wellington, New Zealand


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